Save Time Working with TX Gov.


Save Effort. Lose the hassle.

Intrepids help you take care of your business with the State of Texas. Quickly, easily, with security and rapid reuse.

Intrepids are small datafiles that you create at an Intrepid compliant website. Intrepids are created once and reused many times. Intrepids reside on your computer, and nowhere else. When you need the data contained in a State Agency Intrepid, you simply visit SaveTimeTX, upload your agency specific Intrepid, specify what you need done and then, you are done. All in a lickety-split so you don't have to interrupt your beautiful day in the Lone Star State.

Avoid the hassle of digging up your licenses, account numbers and other information TX agencies may require. When combined with other types of personal or business Intrepids for relatively static data, your transactions with State Agencies become effortless.

None of your Intrepids are stored on Intrep-id and related sites. Our family of services may retain parts of your interaction with us to provide you the services you want.

Use SaveTimeTX to:

  • Make an address change
  • File taxes
  • Get Benefits
  • Registration and Registration renewal
  • ... hundreds more ...

The applications will be as rich and varied as TX State Agencies adopt Intrepids.





Common Problems in working with Tx.Gov

Consumer Facing

  • Finding missing receipts, account numbers, official documents when needed
  • Wasting time on hold
  • Painful authentication mechanisms
  • Allocating at least half an hour to a support request
  • Navigating complicated websites

SaveTimeTX Process:

  • With your permission, your TX Agency sends us your transaction data.
  • Alternately, if you have the data handy, you can create your Intrepid directly at SaveTimeTx.
  • SaveTimeTX converts the data into an encrypted electronic reciept (aka SaveTimeTx (STT) Intrepid).
  • The SaveTimeTx Intrepid is emailed to you.
  • You name and store these receipts on your device for easy access later.
  • When requesting services from the same agency, you simply "drop" the specific STT Intrepid on SaveTimeTX.
  • SaveTimeTX decrypts it and displays the data to you.
  • Make any period related changes to the data and submit to send it to the agency.
  • You get confirmation or transaction emails from the agency.

How it works

SaveTimeTX is a new service and we are educating and recruiting both users and agencies. SaveTimeTX is an application of Intrep-id (aka Intrepid) technology, a new way to empower consumers to manage their own data. Please visit the Intrepid website for more information and to review other useful applications for consumers. These are just starters. There will be many more.

Your SaveTimeTX Use Case

Creating a SaveTimeTX Intrepid

  • You are about to transact some business with the State of Texas, either online or in a physical location.
  • Next to the online form, you will notice a link to SaveTimeTX Intrepid. In a physical store, the agency representative may prompt you about Intrepids.
  • You complete your transaction as normal (you might use other Intrepids to assist you in this).
  • When complete, simply click "Submit and Send SaveTimeTX Intrepid"
  • The agency will complete your transaction and send the relevant information to SaveTimeTX.
  • SaveTimeTX saves some of this information, encrypts all of it in a SaveTimeTX Intrepid and emails it to you.
  • Data saved at SaveTimeTX:
    • Your Email - encrypted, used only for transaction validation
    • Your CellPhoneNumber - encrypted, used only for transaction validation
    • Agency Name - enables your SaveTimeTX functions
    • A subset of the transactional data to assist in future transactions

Using a SaveTimeTX Intrepid

  • When you receive the SaveTimeTX Intrepid, you save it along with your other Intrepids on your device/s.
  • When you need to interact with the same agency, you visit SaveTimeTX and provide the saved SaveTimeTX Intrepid.
  • You select the support you need and provide additional information as needed.
  • Your request is transmitted securely to the agency who responds to you in email when the request is completed.
  • If your initial SaveTimeTX Intrepid is updated as a result of this transaction, a new SaveTimeTX Intrepid is sent to you.
  • ALL SaveTimeTX transactional user data used is discarded when the request is submitted. All of it except as above.

SaveTimeTX Support

If you wish to receive any support from SaveTimeTX, you can create a SaveTimeTX Intrepid for yourself from the SaveTimeTX site. Simply follow the same process as above to get support from us.

SaveTimeTX Fees

SaveTimeTX is free to consumers.

Working Texas Friendly

Questions? E-Mail: customer-services at or call 512.478.3112.